Urban Baby: What we see on our walks


People told me that when I had a baby I would throw in the towel on the inner city, and head for the shady streets of suburbia. Good school districts. Safe strolling. Quiet nights.

I’m not going to lie, when my neighbor’s five pitbulls bark ALL NIGHT LONG, I do think about how nice it would be to have an HOA to tattle to, instead of just SAPD, which always feels extreme.

And yes, I have to stroll underneath 281 to get to our favorite walking path…but that walking path is the Museum Reach of the San Antonio River, and I can get there in 5 minutes on foot. We take this walk almost every day.

Plus, for my first Mother’s Day, Lewis bought me a membership to the San Antonio Museum of Art, where Moira and I can stroll and take in all the air-conditioning and art we want.

Along the way we have epic adventures passing animals, vagrants, fancy parties, kickball games, and running into friends.

Right now Moira sleeps through most of the walk, but when she looks around, she sees…

A bridge overlooking downtown, smattered with cyclists, yogi’s, and, soon, brewery-goers.

Moira - May 4 148

The home base for the downtown horse-drawn carriages

Moira - May 4 149

San Antonio Museum of Art

Moira - May 4 150


Moira - May 4 090

Giant fish hanging from the highway.

Moira - May 4 016

I think Moira is going to love growing up urban.


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  1. Hi, I am seriously considering a house in DH. It’s so great to read your blog. I moved to SA a few months ago and i accidentally drove into the neighborhood. Having no idea of it’s history I fell in love with it instantly. I then came home and read about it… and now i think i love it. I am looking for a structural engineer so I can make a decision on whether or not i can afford the amazing fixer upper I found. Thank you for your articles.