12 thoughts on “Sam Houston High School’s Entire Class of 2020 sat through the National Anthem at their Graduation in Protest.”

  1. Loved his speech, Payton is a very dear friend of my son’s and classmate as well I totally agree with him. Very Proud ?

  2. Burnell White, Jr.

    Well done Class of 2020!! As an alum I am extremely proud of the commitment of the Class of 2020 in taking a stand for what is right. As you go into the world, this day will stand out and you will recall the time in history where YOU the Class of 2020 stood tall by sitting. Best Wishes to you from the Class of ’77!!

  3. Munirah Small

    As a member of the Class of 1989, a Cherokee til I die, I am very proud of these youngsters. The courage to take a stand, speak up against all disparities (even those handed to them in house), push forward when country and Constotution is in turmoil….RESPECT!!! Congratulations to all of the graduates on their moment and the endless possibilities that await them!

  4. God Bless our next generation.
    Good Luck on their future endeavors. A great start to our next Leaders

  5. I wonder if the young man also called out parents on the topics of “fights, drug issues, and various misbehaviors”? Discipline begins at home. As a valedictorian, he needs to learn to do full research and collect data before making a statement on an issue in a public forum. I applaud his academic efforts thus far. Hopefully, he’ll pursue the education field so he can help make the changes in these issues that he believes are in the hands of educators.

    1. Candice Brown

      Shut up how about that! Go watch Lean on Me and see how that administration turned things around for those troubled kids. Administration and staff can have a major effect on kids when they truly care. He did right by calling them out!

    2. Some of these kids don’t have a home life. Parents are always working or are just not present for whatever reason. You can’t improve on something that may not exist. These kids are a symbol and shining example of perseverance in the face of every obstacle one can face in their young lives. Yes, I agree that teachers should not be the only person accountable, but it’s hard to blame a kid for not looking to parental guidance when it may be nonexistent out of sheer necessity, or, at the worst, neglect. Congrats to these brave kids and best wishes in finding success in their bright futures! #BLM

  6. Aishiana Thomas

    That was an awesome stance showing that you can be the change. Cherokee for life, Hail to Sam Houston High

  7. Anquinette Thomas

    That was an awesome stance showing that you can be the change. Cherokee for life, Hail to Sam Houston High

  8. As an alumni from the Sam Houston class of 1984, I salute the entire class of 2020. We are proud of the unity you displayed. Great speech.

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