So I’m supposed to be frantically nesting, apparently. So far this has meant ordering things on Amazon and scheduling lunch dates with all the people I’m afraid I won’t see again for years once I have my constant companion.

Lewis, on the other hand, has taken to nesting quite earnestly. Or maybe he’s taking advantage of my lack of energy and slower speed to buzz around and get all of my crap organized before I can stop him. Either way, things are getting done around here.

In case you hadn’t gotten the idea yet from this blog, I think my husband is a total rockstar. And I’m pretty sure our daughter is going to share that opinion.

I fully intend to tell her the story that, in preparation for her arrival, her mother got a facial, weekly massages and ate everything in sight, while her father did this:




Along with insulation, new windows, custom window treatments and shelves in just about every room. There was also a great feat of organization.

Feb 02 14 Jefferson, MJ Baby Shower 004

To which my contribution was… labels.

Feb 02 14 Jefferson, MJ Baby Shower 005 Feb 02 14 Jefferson, MJ Baby Shower 006 Feb 02 14 Jefferson, MJ Baby Shower 007Feb 02 14 Jefferson, MJ Baby Shower 008

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