San Antonio Current - July 17, 2018

San Antonio Schools Are Still Segregated – By Income As Much As Race

In 1954, the Supreme Court rocked the segregated South when it ruled that the State Board of Education of Topeka could not prevent third-grader Linda Brown from attending Sumner Elementary, an all-white school seven blocks from her house. >>Read More

The Hechinger Report with
Christian Science Monitor -
July 16, 2018

Career-themed schools in San Antonio tackle job skills – and inequality

Donor money and close relationships with business are fueling several new high schools that are trying to lift academically prepared graduates from a variety of backgrounds into well-paying jobs. >>Read More

The Hechinger Report with
Texas Tribune - July 16, 2018

Parents love San Antonio’s preschool program. But soon, voters could weigh in on its fate.

While critics question whether a city-funded pre-K initiative is helping boost long-term educational outcomes, administrators and parents say there's no doubt about the quality of the education children receive at the program's four centers. >>Read More

Texas Public Radio - April 5, 2018

San Antonio ISD’s Plan To Disrupt Economically Segregated Schools

When Lexa Rijos and Jamie Roadman moved to southeast San Antonio 16 years ago, people warned them that there weren’t any good public schools in the area. >>Read More

Folo Media - Jan. 20, 2018

SAISD takes another step deeper into charter school waters

Monday night at its regular meeting, the SAISD board is expected to approve a charter takeover of its lowest performing elementary school. >>Read More

Folo Media - Jan. 3, 2018

Am I the reason schools are segregated?

Reporting on segregation forces me to ask tough questions about how I’m educating my own kids.

I’ll never forget the day the principal of our neighborhood school tried to recruit my unborn child. >>Read More

Folo Media - Dec. 28, 2017

Fighting the urge to segregate San Antonio's schools

In San Antonio and across the nation, the terms “good school” and “white school” are often synonymous. While traditional districts wrestle with the reality of parental appetite for homogeneous schools, one district aims to disrupt the segregation market. >>Read More

Folo Media - Dec. 20, 2017

For school boards short on savvy, corruption comes knocking

Yesterday, former SAISD trustee Olga Hernandez was acquitted of felony bribery charges in federal court. But her trial shows that corruption in Bexar County hits where it hurts. >>Read More

Folo Media - Nov. 28, 2017

Should schools do more than teach?

Kids don't leave the effects of poverty at home. More frequently, schools are seeing an academic benefit to providing food, counseling, parenting classes, and other services targeting the wide-ranging needs of low-income families. >>Read More

Rivard Report - Aug. 25, 2017

Ambitious SAISD Reforms Not Without
‘Bumps Along the Road’

As any doctor will tell you, the road to recovery is not always a straight line. In the most dire cases, it may take a few tries before a cure is found. The same could be said of school turnaround, the very difficult task facing San Antonio ISD Superintendent Pedro Martinez as he enters his third year at the helm of the district. >>Read More


Rivard Report - June 19, 2017

SB 4: Political Aims, Personal Consequences

Lawmakers and press have described the debate over the state’s new “sanctuary cities” law, or Senate Bill 4, as chaotic. To truly understand the forces at work one would have to watch archived footage of the debate on the House floor — all 16 hours, said State Rep. Diego Bernal (D-123). >>Read More

Rivard Report - April 30, 2017

San Antonio Parks: Gateways to Nature,
Science Appreciation

The City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department understands the vital role it plays in bringing nature back to the city. No other organization is as ideally positioned across the city to begin reconnecting families to the outdoors. >>Read More

Rivard Report - Feb. 28, 2017

Alamo Colleges: A House Divided

On May 6, Alamo Colleges will ask voters to approve a $450 million bond. In addition to badly needed repairs at St. Philip’s College, parking facilities at Northwest Vista College and San Antonio College, and technological infrastructure district-wide, the bond would include property purchases and building projects to accommodate projected growth. >>Read More